Art Jamming with Science New art jamming experience in Singapore! Combine your creativity with physics to create beautiful abstract art with pendulum and spin painting. Book Now

UPDATE: Motion Art Space’s bookings will be limited to 2 people per booking. Read more how in our FAQ.

Abstract art jamming for beginners

Unique Art Jamming Activity with Science

Experience art jamming combined with Newton’s Law of Motion 

Combine science with art to create amazing paintings! All it takes is a small push for gravity and inertia to do its work, and for you to marvel the beauty of pendulum and spin painting.

art jamming for beginners

the perfect activity for families, dates or friends

Looking for a fun activity with your family, date or friends? No matter what your age and level is at, Motion Art Space has the right equipments for you to explore your creativity and walk away with your own unique masterpieces. 


Motion Art is also a great activity for team bonding and birthday celebrations.

Motion art space singapore

our art jamming packages

We offer art jamming packages for singles, dates and families. All of our packages comes with canvas, paint & variety of tools which you can use to create your own masterpieces. 

newton’s 1st law package

Includes: 1 hour of fun, 40x60cm canvas, 4x 100ml regular paint & selections of equipments


newton’S COUPLE package

Includes: 2 pax, 1 hour of fun, 2x 40x60cm canvas, 8x 100ml regular paint, 2x 100ml special paint & selections of equipments

newton’s CHILD package

Includes: 1x child (<12 years old), 1 hour of fun, 38x46cm canvas,  3x 100ml regular paint & selections of equipments


newton’s ADULT + CHILD package

Includes: 1x adult & 1x child (<12 years old), 1 hour of fun, 38x46cm & 40x60cm canvas, 7x100ml regular paint, 1x 100ml special paint & selections of equipments

Newton’s 4th LAW PACKAGE

Includes: 4pax, 1 hour of fun, 4x 40x60cm canvas, 16x 100ml regular paint, 4x 100ml special paint & selections of equipments

Newton’s group PACKAGE

Includes: 5pax, 1 hour of fun, 5x 40x60cm canvas, 20x 400ml regular paint, 5x 100ml special paint & selections of equipments

Motion Art Corporate Package
Newton’s corporate package

Customisable package for corporate events up to 12 pax. Contact us on

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Schedule to pick up your artwork from our friendly staff members. Do schedule 24 hours in advance to ensure smooth retrieval of your painting

Interested to host a party or team bonding?

if you are looking for a custom or private package for your birthday, anniversary, team bonding or corporate activity, contact us at

motion art Gallery

Amazing art Work By Our Customers!



Your frequently asked questions

Art jamming is the latest painting experience where you can come to be inspired and invigorated. Motion Art Space is the first and only art jamming space to help you create abstract masterpieces effortlessly with pendulum and spin painting using our patent-applied spinners, as well as other pendulum and tray tools. No mess painting at home!

Each session is 1 hour where you will be assigned to a spinner station. We provide canvases and paints (add-ons available) and you can start swinging and have fun painting. Our unique tools help you create amazing artworks easily even if you lack artistic confidence.


See our Instagram ( for what many first time artists have create at our space!

We have different packages and occasional specials available! The base package include a 46 x 55cm canvas, 4 basic colours, 1 spinner station, and paint tools including pendulums, trays, brushed and more! Each session is strictly 1 hour as we may have other sessions right after.

Surfaces at Motion Art Space are treated with advanced nano-ceramic coating to provide up to 1 year protection from viruses and other microbes. You can learn more about how it works and the tests done by Disinfection2U by ServisHero.


We have a strict mask-on as well as a 1m social distancing policy, and all stations are sanitised after every session.


Motion painting is a calm, non-strenuous activity, and everyone gets their own station to work on.


We use tempera paints which are washable and non-toxic. However, this also mean that it can be water re-activated. We offer varnish add-on which can protect your painting from moisture as well as brighten the colours!

We are operational. We have heightened our disinfecting, and strict maintaining of social distancing. There will be a limit of maximum 2 pax per station.


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